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comtel supply Utilities, fortune 500 companies, governments, and government contractors have long turned to COMTEL SUPPLY to help them successfully implement their infrastructure requirements. Whether assisting in layout design or helping in product selection, or providing equipment, COMTEL SUPPLY distributes a wide range of outside plant products to meet all of your needs. Including fiber cable, copper cable splicing, closures, handhold's, cable vaults, conduit, HDPE innerduct, and hardware for both hanging and burial applications. COMTEL SUPPLY's knowledge of geographic, environmental, and logistical concerns in serving the Mid-Atlantic region, have repeatedly proven to be a valued asset to all of their customers. This has been especially true when dealing with large outside plant projects that are of a time sensitive nature. COMTEL SUPPLY believes that its not enough to be quick with an answer. You need to have the right answers with the right solution and be cost effective.

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